Why Should I Purchase Barcodes From You?

We offer affordable legal barcode numbers for a one-off cost. Some of our features include:


1. Cheap Barcodes – 1 Barcode Package starting at $39 USD and getting cheaper

2. No Ongoing fees – the barcodes are sold for a one-off cost so you only pay once

3. Barcode Images Provided – we also provide high resolution (600 dpi) barcode images in 4 different formats (Bitmap, eps, Tiff, Jpeg, and PDF) for your convenience

4. No compulsory membership – These include time consuming forms and money consuming fees

5. Quick Service – you will either receive your barcodes immediately (If you order a retail barcode) or within 12 hours. We can speed up service if you require something urgently.

6. Can provide accredited verification reports – we can provide independently accredited verification reports which means that our barcodes are accepted by more stores than any other reseller.

Please see ‘why buy from us‘ for more information on this.