Barcode Prices

Barcodes range in price depending on what kind of barcode you would like and how many different barcodes you require. If you require the barcode images to be created only (i.e. you already have a barcode number), then the price starts at $20 for one and drops to $10 each for four or more. These can be seen and purchased here.

Retail barcode packages range in price depending on the quantity of barcodes you require. One barcode package starts at $39. This price drops to $26 each if you order 10 and further drops to $14 each if you order 100. Any quantity over 100 we ask that you contact us for a personalized price. Retail barcodes can be purchased here.

Barcode Verification can be purchased for $59 per barcode needing to be verified – in this case you need to send us a copy of your product packaging with the barcode on it. Please see our Barcode Verification Page to order this.

Barcode registration can be purchased for $10 per barcode. This is a service we offer to increase the internet profile of your product and ensure that your product information appears when your barcode is scanned by cellphone app scanners. Please see our Barcode Registration Page for more information.

We also offer barcode labels in lots of 500 or 1000 which cost $67 and $79 respectively. Please see our Barcode Labels page for more information.